Real Time Cooking with Chef Patrice

Join us for our upcoming live cooking class! When you sign up, you will get access to the live broadcast on Saturday at 4PM ET and be able to view the broadcast as many times as you want forever. During the class you will also be connected with Chef Patrice in a live chat – so you can ask questions while you’re cooking. After signup, you will receive a link to the ingredient list and suggested equipment list for this class.

The real time class lasts for two hours, and you will be producing 2 courses for 4 people during the class. Bon appétit!

Note: If you’re not able to take the live broadcast class you can buy the class from this page or the video library after the class has aired.


Beef Wellington Béarnaise Sauce Tomato Provençale Class#A17473

Beef Wellington, Béarnaise Sauce and Tomato Provençale

A classic beef Wellington recipe is usually served at a wedding or any of holiday dinners. With layers of pâté, mushroom duxelles and puff pastry wrapped around a tenderloin.

For this class you will test your culinary skill and make a béarnaise sauce, challenging sauce to make but easy to accomplish as you follow along with Chef Patrice.

Champagne Granité with Lemon and Fresh Thyme

This granité or granita might be the best way to enjoy champagne. It’s light and refreshing, and fruity. And since New Year’s celebrations call for a bubbly of some sort, I decided to share this with you. For this class we will flavor it with lemon and fresh thyme.


Chilled Red Bell Pepper Soup with Sweet Corn Salsa- Sautéed Shrimp with Black Peppercorn and Cognac Mashed Potato and Spinach

Chilled Red Bell Pepper Soup with Sweet Corn Salsa

Ready to cool down with this new refreshing menu item?
Introducing a refreshing chilled soup to the menu; this Chilled Red Pepper Soup with Sweet Corn Salsa is made with roasted red bell peppers, vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet corn, onions, and garlic, but the real magic is the avocado – a fresh fragrant of cilantro and splash of lemon juice.
Your taste buds will burst with flavor, I guarantee!

Sautéed Shrimp with Black Peppercorn and Cognac

Mashed Potato and Spinach

Put your cooking skills to the test with this new class, where you will be cooking with some Cognac!
This succulent shrimp dish is made with a delicious mixture of caramelized onions, garlic, fresh thyme, and freshly ground black peppercorn sautéed with the shrimp and to finish it off, a flambé with Cognac.
Easy to learn, and fun to cook – the dish has Cognac, so what could be better?


Thai Coconut Chicken Soup with Chicken Tenders Class#18650

This hearty soup takes the goodness of chicken soup to a new level with coconut milk, spicy peppers, nutritious mushrooms and a delicious broth.
Prepare yourself for one of my favorites!


Rack of Lamb Class#B17935

Rack of Lamb with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

Tender rack of lamb, makes an elegant roast for a special-occasion dinner, and it’s quite easy to prepare a brief marinade of pounded garlic and olive oil for a simple accompaniment, roast small tomatoes and sautéed fresh spinach.

Chocolate Soufflé

The classic French chocolate soufflé is a delicious treat any time and much easier to make than you may think.

Missed the last class?

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Butternut Squash Ginger Soup with Crème Fraîche Class#A17021

Butternut Squash Soup

This pureed soup of winter squash, leek and carrot which have been cooked in a seasoned chicken stock with spices. Delicious, sophisticate and very easy to make perfect for a starter at your New Year dinner.

Pan Seared Red Snapper with Asparagus and Oyster Mushroom

This recipe is great for a gourmet taste on a tight schedule. Red snapper is lightly breaded and pan seared, serve with asparagus and oyster mushrooms

Open Face Ravioli with Shrimp Mushrooms & Parmesan Class#A16111

A dish like this one will elevate your cooking and take it to the next level. You’ll learn how to make fresh pasta dough with a quick and easy technique. Fresh shrimp, delicious oyster mushrooms, and a creamy parmesan sauce will make you want more!

This class also includes a recipe for Gateau de Savoie with Almond and Citrus Salad.

Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup Extra Virgin Olive Oil Class#A16541

For this class, you will create two soups from the same basic ingredients. The combination of the broccoli and cauliflower makes a very creamy soup.

This class also features a recipe for Chicken Breast Champagne Sauce with Pearl Onion.