Real Time Cooking with Chef Patrice

Join us for our upcoming live cooking class! When you sign up, you will get access to the live broadcast on Saturday at 4PM ET and be able to view the broadcast as many times as you want forever. During the class you will also be connected with Chef Patrice in a live chat – so you can ask questions while you’re cooking. After signup, you will receive a link to the ingredient list and suggested equipment list for this class.

The real time class lasts for two hours, and you will be producing 2 courses for 4 people during the class. Bon appétit!

Note: If you’re not able to take the live broadcast class you can buy the class from this page or the video library after the class has aired.


Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio with Pickled Cucumber Class#A12058

Making your own beef Carpaccio is the best way to control the quality of the beef. For this recipe you will use beef tenderloin, the most tender cut of beef. It’s easily put together in no time and tastes delicious.

Roasted Whole Rockfish with Fresh Herbs with Olive Oil Vinaigrette

Who wants to know how to cook a whole fish and learn how to serve it? If you are one of those people, this class is definitely for you. In this class, you will roast a whole wild Rockfish in the oven with fresh herbs and olive oil. This method is the best way to cook fish. It will end up having more flavor and most importantly it will be very moist. Chef Patrice will show you an easy way to remove the filets off the bones to serve it. Don’t miss this class!


Frittata with Potatoes & Swiss Cheese Class#A13250

This dish can be served any time – breakfast, lunch, brunch or even for dinner. Everyone will enjoy it!

For this class Chef Patrice will teach you a simple recipe, with a refreshing twist by changing the garnish to open your imagination. It’s accompanied by a beautiful mixed salad to go with the frittatas.

Missed the last class?

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Soupe au Pistou Vegetable Soup with Pesto Class#A7370

The soup we will be making this week is a specialty from the south of France where I was raised. It is made with vegetables, cannellini beans and orzo pasta. It is topped off with pesto and parmesan cheese. This soup will be the best soup you will ever make!

Sherpherd’s Pie (French version)

Shepherd’s pie can be delicious and easy to prepare! It was originally made with ground lamb but for this class we will be using ground beef and chorizo. Comfort food is always in demand!

Classic Swiss Cheese Soufflé Easy to Make Recipe Class#A6433

Cheese soufflé with a glass of Rosé de Provence is a perfect way to start a dinner! Learn how to make it in a very simple way.

This class also includes a recipe for Roasted Summer Vegetables.

Stuffed Leek with Ham Cheese and Mushrooms Class#A12406

Leeks are mostly used for soups. In this class, you will learn a new way to cook leeks with an easy recipe to follow that’s very cost efficient. First, the leeks are blanched. Next, they are stuffed with country ham and vegetables.  Then they are braised in the oven for 30 minutes with tomatoes and fresh herbs from the garden.

This class also includes instruction for Peach and Rhubarb Soup!